Tuesday, 21 August 2007


a·non·y·mous [uh-non-uh-muhs]
1. without any name acknowledged, whose name is withheld, as that of author or the like: an anonymous comment left within a blog, particularly by those choosing to remove passages from a previous context and bend them to a similar but incorrect meaning; see also coward.
2. of unknown name; an anonymous rider, who passes quietly over the hills without reason to pause, converse or generally shoot the breeze with individuals, known or otherwise, and who remains unencumbered by recognition as she rides under cover of gathering darkness to work and back, feeling rather proud and happy that all of these hills are home even if her battery is mostly flat and she can't quite see where she's going...


1 comment:

evil gordon said...

heh heh. evilgordon is NEVER anon. he is always there, often being overtaken or lapped. he is the first to shake the bottle and the last to take a sip.
:o) evilg x