Monday, 13 August 2007

Ride 13 of 31

I am trying to convince myself that the bizarre and worsening noise coming from my bike is not it's way of telling me the bottom bracket is broken. So today's riding was a host of diagnostic laps round the block each following a "procedure" at my oh so not expert bike fixing hands. I rode in a variety of inappropriate gears, extremes of legs spinning like mad on the flat and stomping over hump back bridge in my big ring. Gear choice does not seem to be related to the noise. I cleaned a chunk of gunk off the cranks and front mech in case it was something as simple as grinding grit, no joy. I oiled bits that seemed dry, I wiped bits that seemed too greasy, I checked all teeth and chain links. I injected my pedals. Each lap of the block the bike made a noise. Small boys watched me bunny hop as I tried to bounce the noise out of my bike. I have exhausted my skills as a bike mechanic. It will have to be looked at by a professional.


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