Thursday, 16 August 2007

Ride 16 of 31

My village has a hardware shop that used to sell a few bikes but of late they've given up on the fun stuff and decided to focus on shovels and nails and. A bit ago I was in there buying clothes pegs (oh the excitement) and noticed a cardboard box of bikey looking bits on the floor at the back. Well, what girl can resist a rummage in such a box of potential goodies. Amongst what was actually a load of junk I spotted some Shimano pedals, the sort that are SPD on one side and flat on the other, one pedal was in a packet the other loose, no cleats with them. They decided they only wanted a fiver for the pedals, so bargain had by me. Shoes ordered from t'internet, cleats from local bike shop, I was all ready to go "spuddy" for less than £40. I tried them out once on the park on my commuter and kept doing the comedy fall sideways slowly when stopping thing. So I gave up and sort of forgot about them. Well, today saw another attempt, it went well, I graduated from the park to round the block. In a calm roundabout/red light approaching situation I can unclip gracefully and put a foot down. Will my first emergency stop be so elegant?


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Jennifer said...

Brace yourself: you just know it won't be. It never is, but then just as when you first (or, like me, repeatedly) crash when hitting a slippery root/sticky out rock/steeper than it looked drop-off etc, you'll pick yourself up, brush yourself off and jump back on. I love bikes!