Monday, 20 August 2007

Ride 20 of 31

SPuDs-a-go-go! After yesterdays ride with the slip-fest feet I have (with assistance from mechanical minded husband) set to my pedals with a screwdriver and hex key. A bit of poking with the screwdriver and we were able to pop the flat side off the pedal and create a proper double sided SPD. I then did a bit of hex key twisting and turned the spring tension down. Some test rides round the park and a bit more adjusting became multiple laps of the park clip in, clip out, clip in, clip out, yes, indeed, I can now attach and free myself from the pedals whenever I feel like it. It's a cross bike and Minx has assured me that riding a cross bike with mountain bike shoes is OK and that the bike fashion police won't be round to get me!


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