Friday, 31 August 2007

Ride 31 of 31

The last ride of the 31 has been done. Like so much of the summer, it was wet, but
still it's always nice to get out onto the moors for a couple of hours. I met
Carolyn and we did a few tried and trusted tracks, I'm convinced I've got quicker up
some of my local hills over this month of riding. Is a month enough to have an
impact on fitness? I don't know, maybe I should have kept track of some statistics!
I do know that over the month I've done approximately 330 miles, which is something
like 242,000 revolutions of each wheel, my maths doesn't stretch to working out how
many turns of the cranks that is but it must be a lot. It's certainly been a good
excuse to eat more cake.



Jennifer said...

Cheers Vikki! It's been a pleasure hearing about your little adventures. May the joyous riding continue. Let us know if you get that Juliana. I've just taken delivery of my new Blur LT, and it'll be a while before I can actually afford the kit for it, but I reckon she'll be bling enough for the Singletrack Bike Porn! Thanks again :o)

Vikki said...

Thanks. I'm hoping to get a test ride in sometime in the next couple of weeks, they have a small Juliana at 18 Bikes in Hope and will do their best to get me a Blur in to try. I found your blog and saw your new Blur, looks v. nice in white!

Jennifer said...

Doesn't she? Thanks for the comment! Make sure you keep us up to date with the progress :o)

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