Tuesday, 21 August 2007

The Trans Dusties

So I'm done. I'm back in Calgary after the Trans Rockies. What an epic. I can't begin to describe how amazing this race is. It is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. Meg and I rose to the challenge pretty darn well, I'd say. We faced illness, altitude problems, men problems, bike problems and food problems. But we got through it. And we got third spot. As the Canadians are wont to say, 'good job!"

I learnt a lot. I found that I can ride hard all day every day, keep smiling, climb for hours, descend with my eyes shut, fix punctures that aren't there and peel Torq Bars one handed. I learnt that I can ride singletrack with a stupidly high heart rate after 6hrs in the saddle and I'm not afraid to jump over stuff in order to get past trail slugs. I learnt that friendship is more important that bikes, and that honesty is more important than bravery. I learnt that dust is more painful than mud and that suncream is more important than chamois cream. I learnt to trust myself and that instincts are instinctual for a reason.

Having hit the Calgarian bike shops rather hard it's time to take the bike out to the Canada Olympic Park for some singletrack action. The more I ride the more I want to ride. I am reminded of one of the songs they played when we were on the podium entitled 'the greatest game of all.' Cheers to that.


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