Monday, 19 November 2007

Fi's Top 10 things At The Moment.

1. Molly Brown. My friend Kate's 9 year old daughter who I hung out with all weekend. 'Hope or Rhyddian for X-factor victory: Discuss'.
2. The Boy (will I get in trouble for putting him second?)
3. Icebreaker 200 bodyfit thermal top. I could not survive my cold university office, nor night rides, nor existing in general this time of year without it.
4. Slightly green bananas
5. Smartwool socks (especially the ones with snowflaks round the ankle)
6. GAP denim mini skirt
7. Tea. What kind? Builders of course.
8. Hashing in the rain
9. Porridge with apple bits in.
10. My new bike - arriving next week...



Vikki said...

My money's on Rhyddian to win it! I love X-Factor, in the same way I love fish-fingers, you know you shouldn't like such things, never mind discussing them openly on t'internet, but sometimes you just can't help yourself.

Fi said...

I quite enjoyed watching it but to be honest it was a bit like the slow extraction of toe nails for me. Molly loved it though so it was a winner!

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