Sunday, 4 November 2007

Killer loop

Yesterday I rode with the Groovy Chicks. I was a bit nervous before setting off as the plan for the day was one of the MBR killer loops. I think the source of my anxiety was the term "killer" this not necessarily being a word one wants to consider when heading out onto the Yorkshire moors. As we set off riding from East Marton (bit west of Skipton) the unseasonably sunny and warm day lulled me into thinking maybe it wouldn't be so bad. It was a ride with a lot of thick mud and long grassy climbs, the first 9 miles seemed more like 15 and I was glad of a sandwich stop. By 15 miles I was experiencing a deadness in the legs and feeling like I was going to puke, I wanted to know if there was a short cut down off the tops to the car, the killer loop was indeed killing me. Another sandwich stop, a big drink and a huge handful of jelly beans saw some energy restored to my broken spirit. A corking section of rocky downhill had me grinning again and even feeling like the first 15 miles had been worth it. The final 10 or so miles were quite fast, just nicely undulating, and there is something about knowing you're in the final push towards to the post ride cafe that keeps you going. By the time the bacon buttie, chocolate rice-crispie cake and 2 mugs of tea were gone all the bad bits of the 32 miles of very muddy Yorkshire were long forgotten and all I knew was that I'd had a great day out riding with friends.


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