Sunday, 11 November 2007

Minx boyz

I've just been browsing, nostalgically, at my photos of the 2007 Trans Rockies. I found a few classic pics and thought I'd share. Hope you don't mind...Our first podium - hadn't quit mastered the whole 'hand in the air' thing at this point (but we got used to it!)
Gav Atkins, Meg Bichard and myself going for a bit of post-Rockies road action. Gav squeezed into that jersey and had us in hysterics!

Meg at the end of the final stage. We were chasing the girls in 2nd place and would have had a good chance at overtaking if Meg hadn't decided that 6 inches was enough room to squeeze between 2 guys. It wasn't and she took all of them down, covering herself in blood and coal dust in the process! 3rd by 15 seconds on the final day. What an end to the race!


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