Tuesday, 6 November 2007


A free morning when the weather is good leaves a girl only one option, a bike ride! Plan was to meet a mate at 9a.m so left the house at 8.30, all wrapped up against the slight chill of the morning but feeling great, heading for the trails. But, less than 10 minutes of tarmac from home and I thought the front of the bike was feeling a bit swampy, stopped, poked tyre, flat! No worries my bag has tyre levers, pump, and a spare tube. Wheel off, quick mobile phone call to let friend know I might be a minute or two late, I set to sorting out my puncture. Tyre loosened, tube out, air pissing hole easily spotted, spare tube dug out of bag. I carefully inspected inside of tyre wall for offending pointy bits, nothing obvious. New tube stuffed into place, tyre refitted I start to pump. I can hear air, and not in a good tyre filling way, inflation not happening. Tyre off again, tube out. Two air pissing holes spotted this time! Puncture repair kit dragged out of bottom of bag, patch time. Tyre checked even more carefully, no spikey bits obvious, no spokes anywhere they shouldn't be. Patched tube now in place, tyre on, more pumping, this time success, a functioning wheel is refitted.

3 hours of lovely, incident free riding followed. Such a great day for being out in the Lancashire hills. Sunshine and smiles all round.


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