Monday, 12 November 2007

uh oh.

just checked the weather forecast in preparation for the begining of the commuting week.


it has been a long time since i've had to cope with weather like this and i can't remember what i need to wear to stay warm under these conditions (did you notice it's also going to be raining? oh yeah). factor in the windchill of a cyclist travelling between 15 and 20mph and it gets a whole load colder. the pile of clothes by the bed currently consists of:

endura mt500 short
very old pace cycles roubaix tights
icebreaker ls wool base layer
howies ls wool base layer with the long zip-up neck
mint sauce race and flowers jersey (tis a well known fact that bright pink makes you feel warm)
gore softshell
two buffs (one for head, one for neck, eyes and nose in the gap between the two)
assos overshoes
gore softshell gloves

and, er, the hip flask with the sloe gin in it.

well, i figure if it works for 24's... ;o)


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