Monday, 28 January 2008

take more care.


I have been somewhat stressed of late. Simple things (like, er, eating - sorry Mum!) tend to take a back seat when I'm stressed. With the current mileage this means instant and dramatic weight loss (2kgs in a week? ffs) and - hey presto - a cold.

Actually, it's Girl Flu and I am dying.

Or not.

Whatever it is, it's kept me in bed and off the bike for two whole days whilst spring begins. I saw crocuses flowering in the sunshine on Saturday afternoon and reports from the hill say the trails are nearly dry.




pixiefixie said...

Don't worry - here's the fix :- sleeping bag,sofa,toast,tea,Bellville R & Pedal on loop.
Radio 4,sleep,chocolate and absolutely no fretting about missing riding.
Not even a tiny bit.

You'll be back in no time,fresh and ready to spin,demon styley.

Spring was only teasing when she showed her face - she's not here yet :-)

Good healey type vibes to you.

Now....why won't my knee settle down so I can get **** loads of riding in..... grrrrrrr....

adjustablecrumpet said...

er, the clue might be in the screen name ;o)

grumpy rather than pathetic now, this is a good sign.

pixiefixie said...

.... no,no! It wasn't the fixed, honest! Besides,it's only a little pixie gear now.... ;-)

It was the crash with the wayward dog that bent my crank,broke my rib & whupped my knee.... four months ago and my knee is still sulking.

Good to hear you are on your way back :-)