Wednesday, 6 February 2008

All day just riding and laughing.

I rode with my friend Amy yesterday. We did a big offroad ride, I left my house after breakfast and needed my lights for the last 8 or so miles. It was one of those days where we laughed a lot. We laughed at the mud, the face stinging rain, the constant stopping to change clothes, my bizarre decision to use a wind ravaged portaloo on a hilltop rather than find a modesty-tree, the man who told us off for cheeky footpath use (we were suitably contrite to his face but we giggled afterwards). We laughed at cows blocking the trail, crazy dogs, near misses with tractors and finding a hole in the fence next to the section where we always have to lift our bikes over the gate. We didn't laugh when we stopped at our favourite pub (which had been specifically factored into the choice of route) to discover they had stopped serving food. There was no funny side to a lack of chips! A great day out and when I got home I rewarded myself with more pancakes than would normally be considered polite. We're planning another all day ride for next week but with pub opening hours to be researched more thoroughly ahead of time.


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