Wednesday, 25 June 2008

GDR Day Five : Part Two

Nothing from Jenn on this mornings podcast, but it's being reported that she called in from Lima at 10.40pm last night, which puts her nicely ahead of the six day cut-off point. She said that it had been a long difficult day on a singlespeed - no big climbs and therefore no really big descents to rest on either. It seemed to be just lots of steady downhill and rough trail conditions.

Just to clarify, the racers' days run from noon to noon because that's the time the race started, so technically they will be into a seventh day by day six- but until noon on that day it's still day six for them. Once you've factored in the time difference as well you'll be really confused too...

The cut-off times for anyone that doesn't know are as follows:

Lima (Montana) 6 days
Steamboat Springs (Colorado) 12 days
Abiquiu (new Mexico) 18 days
Antelope Wells (New Mexico) 24 days

If the broadcast goes out at the usual time the next update will be around 7pm tonight.



G as in Chris said...

Deb, do you know if there's a way to get a message to Jenn? I have friends in Steamboat that can probably help with a hot shower and warm bed for her, if it's allowed.

Minx said...

It's not allowed - you must be completely self sufficient. However, as I LOVE Steamboat Springs, would your friends like me as a house guest instead?

G as in Chris said...

Yes after posting that I had a rules check, and saw. Too bad. They are really nice people and I'm sure they'd welcome you as openly as they did me last summer! And they'd take you for really good Mexican. Mmm...Mexican.