Sunday, 13 July 2008

And she's done!

Just recieved this call from Jenn:

"Hello it's Jenn, it's 6.40am our time, or thereabouts and I'm done.... I'm finished... all the way down."

As we suspected she might do Jenn must have ridden though the night from Silver City. The biggest most congratulatory hug ever... I can't write any more words right now, anything I type just doesn't seem to match the achievement but I couldn't be happier....

Jenn's time was 22 days, 18 hours and 40 minutes and in the last 24 hours she rode 190 miles.

Jenn - I put a call though to Lorraine who was riding with the usual suspects (appropriately they were on a cake break), and I could hear the cheering down the phone. And then some muffled stuff about emotions....



  1. Hi! It's Pauline, Jenns Mum! Shes done it!! She was watching a beautiful sunrise as she spoke and what was really great was that Mary Collier's family(Mary was a TD racer) had hung around and waited for her! So there's someone to see her safely to a motel where she says she will sleep for a week!!

  2. Congratulations !!

    Jenn, For three long weeks you make me a GDR news addict.
    You are fantastic!!

    The Netherlands

  3. Tears all round Jenn, you truly are amazing. I'm so relieved you've reached the end and can give yourself one hell of a pat on the back and eat cake for a month or more without any guilt.

    Lots of love from a very emotional

  4. Wow, the achievement of a long held goal, well done that girl. So proud of her. Hugs all round!

    Bring on the cake. And more cake. And maybe a whiskey. :^)

  5. trina and jon say: OH YEAH! who loves ya baby?

  6. Rusty Water all round! (cheers, hip, burp)

    Such great great news.

    Hugs from all here. Can't wait to hear from you when you've slept/ate/slept/ate/ate and celebrated :O)

    Tim, Ben and Max

  7. Congrats to Jenn - well done.

    Te records can wait until next year

  8. Fantastic result, well done. We'll be raising some beer for you tonight.

  9. Awesome. I screeched when Minx texted through the great news. The people in The Clifton Sausage think me most perculiar. I am so so so happy. And so proud. And relieved. And awed. And did I mention proud?

    Enjoy that sleep. Let every aching muscle revel in your achievement.


  10. does Obama know shes in the country,that girls an assett and unemployed.
    tell us how good it feels not to have to pedal tomorrow.

    anyhow enjoy your time in the states,go show them some singlespeed prowess at the worlds.

    Eureka seems a long time ago...what a trip.

  11. Fantastic achievement Jenn. Well done!

  12. Big Cheeky woot!! from here.

  13. well done Jenn :-)

  14. Well done Jenn :)

    What an amazing ride and journey you have just completed !

    Enjoy the rest and cake !

    All the best - Biff (the other biff - lol)

  15. huge contratulations jenn
    totally inspirational to follow your journey, enjoy a rest!!!
    LOL kirsty + craig

  16. WAHAY!

    so, so, so, so, so chuffed for you...
    hot bath, clean sheets and a date with a razor...smooth legs soon huh! ;p

    Enjoy you time 'off' the bike...
    coffee, cake, and time to sit and reflect...

    Rabbit Dancer (hop, hop)

    HUGE thanks and weepy hug to're support of Jenn and enduro computer watching/updates has been great... a restful sleep to you :o)

    and thanks Marys family, that's real nice of you to do that..

    right I'm starting to gush..better go...

  17. Yes Jenn, we were out on our road bikes today and as Debbie caught us tucking into lunchtime Tea at Balcolme Cafe the news was given.....FANTASTIC. Well done indeed and all the cake we ate was in your honor, honest (Oh and Grant's full english too)
    Lorriane is itching to meet up with you even more now. Wishing you all the best of good rests and fun times in Nappa. South Downs (double?) will seem like a trip day trip for you now :-)
    x Rory, Sabreen & Amber
    plus the Balcolme massive:

  18. Well done, Jenn! Fantastic news - what an achievement. Enjoy a good rest.


  19. Well done Jenn, I am in awe!

  20. Jenn, congratulations....hmmm all the superlatives seem inadequate to describe what you've achieved.

    There's currently an advert for a programme on BBC4. And I'll paraphrase the guys words:

    People who break out of their ordinary, run of the mill, day to day lives to go on an adventure, truly are heros.

    What you've done is heroic. I can't praise you enough. Very very very well done.


    PS - when can I order my honourary minx-girl (boy) Cycling top and skorts? :)

  21. Jenn, Bloody well done girly...So pleased you did it and finished in one piece, im a bit computer thick and hope this message gets to you...
    Be good to see you sometime i expect it will be next year now. Im off soon to do my Transrockies next month and really looking foreward to it..
    See you in the solo tent!!
    Again mega congrats all the best
    Love Jezz Scarratt x

  22. Ps Just looked at my post and it says royal?? not sure how that got there and what it means!!!
    Jezz x Ah i see now its linked to my boys bands blog The Royak Males. Bless!!


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