Thursday, 10 July 2008

Back on track!

We were hoping the radio silence was a good thing then Pauline discovered Jenn had checked out of her motel and now look what we found on the official blog!

"Jenn called from Cuba at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. She said she had a good day with "really English weather" - billowing clouds and nice cool, breezy air with no thunderstorms. "Really glad to be pedaling again," she said. She was planning to press on toward Grants tonight, but didn't know how far she was going to get because she was "really tired." She wanted to be in Pie Town at lunchtime, "but that might be pushing it a bit given how late it is now."

Jenn sounds much better than she did during her previous call-in from Abiquiu. The antibiotics must be working to kill the infection off, but any amount of time with a stomach-purging bug would zap anyone of most of their energy and strength, let alone someone who has just ridden 1,800 miles of the Great Divide Race. Jenn mentioned she was eating everything in sight in Cuba and hoping to keep the food "where it should be." She's really excited to be back on the trail, and seems to be eyeing a strong push for the border. The distance from Cuba to Pie Town is more than 200 miles, so the fact that she's aiming for lunchtime Thursday shows she's still as determined as ever to pedal fast. A day ago she couldn't even stand up without feeling woozy, and today she pedaled 80 miles! So here's hoping she kicks the bacteria where it should be and gets her hard-earned legs back. Go Jenn, go!"

You can hear Jenn's mum at 21.38 minutes/seconds into todays podcast and Jenn herself at 23.55. She sounds fantastic and there is much giggling at the mention of all the food in Cuba - everyone go listen now!

More power to your legs Jenn - we're with you every turn of the pedals. Godspeed.



Jim said...

Glad to hear it! Go Jenn.......

Anonymous said...


big huge grin to hear you're back at it...



Rabbit girl

trio said...

Yay, you go Jenn

Tim said...

[Murray Walker style]
And she's off......
[/Murray walker style]

I'm turning into an honorary girl. Even went misty eyed reading the forum post yeserday.

I'm going to have to do some work when she finishes this ride rather than just looking busy on the computer.

Go Jenn, GO!!!

Tim (Max and Ben send hugs)

John said...

I'm Jenn's uncle. I don't do cycling, in fact, I don't do any sport at all....but this girl's exploits have had me on the edge of my seat for weeks now. I've also had Giardia , and I can tell you that you don't want fact, you wouldn't want your worst enemy to have it. The thought of getting out of bed and riding 60 miles up a mountain after such a short period is beyond my comprehension....this is a seriously tough young lady. We are all cheering you on Jenn and hoping you get whatever you want from this race.
With best wishes from yet more Hopkins family members,
Love, John.

Tom said...

Jenn, so glad you're back out and spinning the legs.

Just keep going for it.

I'm sat there last night watching Tour de France stage highlights and thinking..., "hmmm, wusses, they've got team mates to help and support etc".


Allez Jenn!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to lose my job! I spend every available min. checking in here.... to see how Jenns' getting on.
Just listened to the podcast and am thrilled to hear Jenns' back out there - awesome lady !

All good thoughts, Always.

Keep it rollin! :-)


Anonymous said...


you are such an inspiration, I have just got my first bike in 20years and reading about you amazing ride makes me want to get out and pedal.

Keeping everything crossed you keep rolling on that long trail


Ruth said...

HURRAY!!! I'm not doing any work either....but I really don't care. She's back on course and rolling, GO GIRL GO!!!! we are willing you on. :-)xx

Adam said...


You were inspirational enough in your commitment to training for the GDR, let alone the way you're riding it. Supergirl and Wonder Woman aren't a patch on you.

Eat cake, drink (clean) water and keep those legs turning. Half the world seems to be behind you. :^)

Can't wait to see you in Napa!


Anonymous said...

Yee haa, Jenn! Great news, back on the trail again. We wish you the very best of luck from now on. And I can get back to clocking off your mileage again.

Thinking of you with each pedal stroke.

JP and crew.

MikeD said...

/rings imaginary cowbells at side of trail


Pierre said...

Holy cow, miss!

Didn't even realise you were doing this, I've kind of had my head in the sand trying to start up my own business (yes, it's finally time!) but have just spent a very emotional couple of hours catching up on your exploits.

Words fail me. Your endurance is astounding, doubtless in a very understated quietly-kicking-arse Jenn way.

Best wishes, prayers and other Positive Stuff from this side of the pond. Well done so far, know you'll make it.


: P

Cris B said...

Great to hear that Jenn is back on the trails. Fingers crossed for no more problems before the finish!

Go Hopkins!

matt said...



Dean said...

Hope you've had a proper good old feed up.

Take care of yourself and get those twiglets spinning!

Wondering if you've delayed your arrival in Pie Town to coincide with the pie shop being open... ;^)


Sarah said...

It's Sarah here, Simon Kennett's missus. Just wanted to say- Hooray Jenn, you are a star! What an inspirational woman. Hope you have better luck in Pie Town than Simon did (ie you actually get some pie)! Good luck & keep those wheels turning- you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Misty eyes here in Weybridge reading all these post. Jenn, you really have rocked the world.

Made my day to hear your back on the trails, I'm surely going to miss checking up on how your doing.

I feel that there's this amazing unity amongst all of us who are cheering you on. It's very heart warming.

Happy pedaling and good luck for some pie in Pie Town, have one (or two) for me!


Dave_A said...

Go Pete!!!!


Cheeky Heckle :o)

Faye Stewart said...

Go Jenn Go!

Good Luck, I am so chuffed to hear you are back on the trails! Look forward to hearing more exciting and inspiring news here! You are awesome!

Kick ass!