Tuesday, 1 July 2008

GDR Day Ten / Eleven

Jenn made it to Steamboat Springs by early Monday morning - calling in from there at 8.20am. This means that she's over half way now in terms of distance. Yay!!! Funnily enough she was waiting for food.... she still sounds strong, if a little tired (no really?) and says she's having trouble with one of her knees. Here she is...

" Hi there, it's Jenn, it's... oh lets have a look.... it's twenty past eight (Monday). I am in Steamboat Springs. I got into Steamboat Lake late last night- there is a recurring theme here, so I'm waiting for a big breakfast at Renona's (sp?) and I've just seen the pastries counter so I'm going to have a very full bag when I leave. Yesterday was gorgeous - got back to trees again. Trees are great! You don't know how good trees are until you don't see any for two days. Really lovely riding. I've got a bit of a troublesome left knee though so unfortunately I'm going to have to take it a little bit easy today. So anyway, bye."

Not sure how worried to be about 'troublesome'. Jenn sounds cool about it, but then she would. Other riders were getting to the next check in, Silverthorne late afternoon, so if Jenn's having a gentler ride I'm expecting to hear that she arrived later in the evening but that won't be until tomorrow's broadcast.

Healing vibes to that knee....



Anonymous said...

Wow Jenn! - awesome.
lots of good vibes to your knee.

Tom said...

Also sending 'good knee vibrations' for Jenn.
Following the updates on here daily now - with the odd dip into the main GDR/TD podcast site to listen in full, they're all mentalist.

Who needs le Tour this year? Allez, allez, allez Jenn! :)

Anonymous said...

Food Raids of the pastries counter?! Jenn, I'm so proud! hee hee..keep scoffing, keep peddling, keep smiling!

Ginger cake lover x