Sunday, 13 July 2008

A phone call

I just spoke to Jenn for around half an hour. She sounds great - not even hugely tired, although she said the last 10 miles were the most challenging she's ever pedaled. She talked about days that were so hard she never wants to experience them again, and things so beautiful they made all the pain worthwhile. She misses everyone and had no idea that so may people were watching and cheering her home. It was unbelievably lovely to hear her voice. She's going to find a city in which to be anonymous for a few days and spend time reading everyone's messages and trying to get all this down on paper before the moment is lost, but immediate plans are to find food that isn't peanut M&Ms and a clean t-shirt. It was hard to say goodbye and SSWC can't come soon enough!



Dean said...

Well done you!

Heartiest and squeeziest of hugs.

There has already been a good deal of fine cake, tea and beer consumed in your honour - a huge amount of calories, earnt by you and consumed by us, burp ;^)

You're a genuine inspiration.


JP said...

Hi Jenn,
Incredible performance.
I can't find the right words to match your acheivement so I hope that a simlpe "well done" will do.
Enjoy the rest of your life and I look forward to seeing you sometime.

Geoff said...

i'm so excited for you jenn. congratulations. the fact that you pushed on through so much adversity has been a large influence on me as I try to move on and put this race behind me. i don't know if i will ever ride this race again, but just the fact that i'm keeping this open as an option has a lot to do with my conversations with you in kremmling and especially what you've done in the 2 weeks since then.

my initial feelings after i stopped were that of dissapointment, anger, frustration, and bitterness. I was kind of bitter about the whole experience. as if the race had somehow let me down. but then i kept following all of you guys making your way down to the finish and my excitement and happiness about this experience began to come back. hearing everyone call in upon finishing has really gotten me back on track mentally. and now i find myself having entirely positive thoughts about the experience. and so i thank you for being a part of that.

enjoy some rest and i hope i'm lucky enough to cross paths with you again sometime.

Tim said...

It was never in doubt............

.....but you did have us worried there for a day or two :O)

Go and eat like an average American for a few days and put some meat on those twiglets girl.

Nettle beer and BBQ when you return and hold your head as high as it'll go. We are all so proud of the quiet girl from Dorset.

Any plans for SSWC other than to smile like a Cheshire Cat for most of the race?

Tim, Ben and Max

Adam said...

We are all so proud of the quiet girl from Dorset.

What Tim said. Eat pancakes, drink tea, lots of tea, and sleep for a week.

Anonymous said...

There doesn't seem to be any adequate words does there? !

Unbeliveably brilliantly well done!
Had to get my brother to keep checking on you over the weekend cos he has the web access and he got hooked too (he's an honarary Minx now) I knew you'd get there but didn't realise you'd fly those last miles.
What an awsome acheivement.

Congratualtions and one day I'll overcome my shyness and fight through the crowds to say hello.


G as in Chris said...

Well done Jenn!

If you can make it up to Salt Lake I have a co-worker that can probably help you be anonymous for a while. If you can hop on a plane I'll take you to Canada with me this week. :~)

Jim said...

Well done Jenn :-)

Sarah MI said...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Well done you!!
We're so pleased you've done it. What an amazing personal achievement.
Can't really say much more except that I'm in awe of your determination and stamina.
See you soon honey, have a great rest of trip and hope to see you on your return.
Big hugs and masses of choccie biccies, Sarah, Dan and Hope.

Pierre said...

Really well done.
Lost for words.

: P

jac said...

I didn't doubt for one minute that you'd do it and do it well! Well done!

By the way, it's all your fault that I've damaged myself at those stupid enduros over the last weekends - I just kept thinking that you'd be hurting far more than me so I just kept on pedalling!

Ruth said...

Our efforts at this weekend's Brechfa Enduro are like a mini choc sprinkle on a huge gateau of effort you've put in Jenn. Ok maybe the cake analogies have gone a step too far now!!! Live the moments, bank the memories, and accept all the congratulations coming your way as they are richly deserved. Amazing stuff,phenomenal, like others words fail me but never ever doubted you'd make it. Rxx

PaulH said...

Awesome and awe-inspiring ride Jenn, fantastic. I hope you kick back, relax and enjoy some easy 'cake time'! Big thanks to Minx for keeping us updated.