Friday, 11 July 2008

Pie Town!

Jenn left Pie Town at 10.00am Friday morning having eaten, sent postcards and headed out without calling. Happily she went back to call because, "If I don't phone in from here, then people back home aren't going to hear from me for three days, so I had to come back, which is frustrating. I'm really tired. Big day yesterday, lots of miles, and made it into Pie Town late last night." No call for three days? I guess that means she's pushing right through to the finish now. The race blog reports that she's really tired but ready for the final 300 miles. Isn't it mad how 300 miles sounds so short now?

If the combined will of everyone following has anything to do with it you'll fly it Jenn. And then when you're done I totally reserve the right to cry. Big hugs, and don't imagine for a second that bribery by postcard will get you out of that harmonica serenade in Napa.



matt said...

mmmm PIE TOWN!

rock on to the finish, jenn

Anonymous said...

Fab Jenn, glad you got to stock up...sings> fly, fly like the wind, till the border of Mexico...>

See you soon girlie, where upon tears will be shed and you will have to endure us all telling you how wonderful your there, shouldn't be so bloody good should you ;p

Rabbit Dancer

Biff said...

Didn't want to comment cos this girly cake frenzy makes me feel slightly ill but I'm guessing you've certainly been places (without the audience) and I really hope it works for you. To misquote a well-meaning twat...

You're all winner... Accept you

You thoroughly deserve a sub-24 result. I'm impressed.

Minx said...

You're always welcome at a girly cake frenzy for that extra little something you bring:-) Thanks.

Chipps said...

Well done Jenn. See you in a few months for the debrief... Having spent one night wild camping the other night I couldn't have imagined banging out 150 miles the next morning and the one after, so well done...

Fi said...

Jenn - The British mountain biking community has eased a collective sigh of relief that you're back on track. Mud spattered people in cafes everywhere are tearfully discussing your story over cups of stewed tea and overbaked fruit cake.

Be happy that you have eased our burden. Now go ride 300 miles and ease yours.

Rock on.