Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Global warming - ha!?

I don't know whether to blame Mother Nature or The Rain Gods, but either way can someone out there tell them it's August. In the Northern Hemisphere this is meant to be summer. I should have ridden today in a vest top not a waterproof. Sunscreen should have been in my bag not armwarmers. My post ride treat should have been enjoyed on a sun terrace not dripping and huddled in a cafe.



Tom said...

It's not great is it?

'Grin and bear it' is my current philosophy.

Thing is, it's not really a proper British 'summer' _unless_ we're moaning at the weather :)


jumbly said...

You're so right a good moan is part the British summertime experience!


Ni said...

So, what are your top ten ways to keep dry on a bike in August? Full waterproofs, including socks, and a shower cap under my helmet are almost the order of my every day at the moment !