Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Soggy Scottish Summer Fun.

After the very special experience of carrying a clay bike round the Sleepless in the Saddle course for 24 hours, this short bit of sub-aqua northshore at Dalbeattie was a doddle. Sadly the child-free week of biking in the Borders that followed the Joy of SITS, gradually morphed from holiday to endurance event itself as the steady rain continued day and night.

Hairyscary and I threw in the soggy towel on camping and retreated to a hostel at Keilder hoping to be soaked in hot water from pipes rather than cold water from heaven, alas, 'twas not to be. A 'very mild' dose of Legionella in the shower system (yummy!) meant ending another day with what my granny termed 'a hoor's bath' of a stand up wash at the sink.

We still managed to enjoy the riding and thanked our foresight of planning to do all the nice weatherproof trailcentres rather than brave the boggy wilds of 'natural' trails. The holiday was wrapped up nicely with a sunny but still muddy '10 More in Moray', No Fuss Events 10 hour enduro, where this Moray Minx Girl delighted herself by coming first in the ladies' solo category. Sadly my partner in biking, the other Moray Minx Girl, Roberta, was injured and sat this one out but did an awesomely fantastic job of keeping my spirits up as I ground out the miles.

Jojo xxx

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