Saturday, 16 August 2008

welcome to denver...

...52 degrees and pouring with rain. the brits have landed.

bike fettling, big breakfast eating, news catch-up'ing, and general home reconnecting thanks to some lovely care packages, a brace of two mcvities digestive twin packs and a ziplock bag of yorkshire tea. the temptation to head south out of san francisco by bike and not east by train was substantial but plans were made so amtrak won out and it's great to be here with familiar faces again. looking forward to getting the kit off the bike and riding some trails; buffalo creek tomorrow (apparently an imba epic ride, and thankfully, also fast-draining...), then on to moab, fruita, elko and beyond. rah.

oh yes - and hello to tim and his exploding nettle beer :o)


1 comment:

Tim said...

Don't panic, I saved some but it won't last till your return :O(

I'll raise a glass to you at the weekend for the second annual Bring what you grew BBQ at Chez Burden.

(thats assuming it's not cancelled)

Winters coming and we've just had a wood stove fitted so bring it on!