Sunday, 28 December 2008


Or just busy...
Mull. A thoroughly enjoyable muddle of friends, fun, laughter, beauty, cakes, cocoa, bikes, trains, boats, skies, mud, pain, racing, beer and potato based foodstuffs, all in complete and exhausting excess...
...including the mileage. Fine, so the bulk of the travel was done by train but still - 1340 miles is a long way to travel for two hours of riding. Or 90 minutes of riding and 30 minutes gentle jogging with a broken bike on your shoulder. Must do more stuff at home next year. And also go to these nice places not for racing. And maybe ride to Mull :-)
not to scale
Christmas. Often hard work, this year no exception. Keeping myself sane with plenty of quiet road rides. If I'd been able to bring myself to ride a road bike when I was growing up here I think life might have panned out somewhat differently. The mountain biking is a dull, clay-slathered bogfest for ten months of the year but the roads are as good as anything I've ridden anywhere.
And what good is Christmas without cats to tear the tree to shreds? Sadly not mine but I will get to see them often. Ahhh.

Next: packing boxes, moving house, doing some work, putting down roots, shaking off colds, buying new helmets to replace the ones I keep smashing. Hmmm.



I'm not really gay said...

give us a clue then :-)

where and when ?

trio said...

Hey jenn bit of an odd question. How tall are you and what size Jake the Snake do you ride?


adjustablecrumpet said...

trio, i'm 5'7" (with long arms) and the jake is a 52cm. i'm moving up north next week, so we could go for a ride and you could try it if you're not sure about sizing? i promise to fix it first... ;o)

trio said...

Where are you moving to? I'm 5'3" so thinking I will need a smaller size than that. Someone told me you were short, 5'7" seems tall to me!

adjustablecrumpet said...

grr, who told you i was short, i'll have words! ;o) you probably need the 49cm.

drop me an email if you like...

Minx said...

5'7" ? Really? Are you sure you're not standing on tippy toes? I always think of you as tiny.... (runs for cover)