Thursday, 21 May 2009

Back to Basics

It's very strange not riding my bike.
I haven't ridden for various reasons for seven weeks now.
Sometimes I miss it but then other times it feels like it was only yesterday when I last rode.

In that time I've moved house, taken up car-boot selling and received physiotherapy on my ankle.

The house is more demanding that I ever would have thought. It's taken us 677 days to renovate to a what could be considered 'liveable' state. (By liveable I mean we have hot and cold running water and a bed and sofa).
I know the delays were our own fault, it seemed that for every day we spent working on the place there were another 5 we spent messing around with bikes!

Car boot selling has for the time being replaced my Sunday racing (not too bad timing actually - more about that in a min).
As long as the 5am start doesn't offend you (well, no more than the smell of some of the punters) and you have enough crap to get rid of, there's some good money to be made, which lets face it is most welcome right now!

As for the physio, she advised me not to race downhill for a while. Probably for the best as I don't physically have enough strength in my ankle to stand on one leg but frustrating all the same, especially with the National series now in full swing and Championship races coming up soon.

So anyway, the races have been cancelled and I'm doing my strengthening exercises and although the walls of my new house are begging to be painted, I'm going riding this weekend.

Thanks for reading.
SJ. x


Anonymous said...

hi SJ
glad to ehar you are on the mend but not rushing things. Houses do take alot of decent biking time up - i always seem to have a major job that MUST be done when its sunny and the roads are calling to me!! Still daughter has onbly just had her fibreglass cast fitted today so its another 3 weeks before a family ride and she gets all upset if i try and go it alone :0/ hope you are ok with your ride this weekend :0)
yvonne aka unfitbikerchick

SJ said...

Riding last weekend was bliss, dusty and dry and no crashes to boots, just perfect summer trails!
Your poor daughter, I hope she's better soon!!