Friday, 28 August 2009

Some advice please

Fi writes:

Next weekend is the Kielder 100 - the UK's first 100 mile, one loop mtb race. I entered a long time ago and it seems to be right up my street.

But, I've lost my mojo. I'm tired and disheartened after the Trans Wales. I've been away from my home in Bristol all summer and the thought of driving all the way to Kielder on Friday (6hrs) is unappealing.

So, tell me, what shall I do? Shall I be Part Of It and sacrifice a few hours in a car for my sport, all shall I ignore it, find a hill, go running, paint the spare room and bake a cake?



Red Bike said...

The cake and the K100 both sound like a great idea. I'm not too sure about hills and running though.

vistaed said...

Sometimes knowing when not to start a race is winning! Bake that cake and feel good about it. There are plenty more races in the sea :)

Brinnington Lose the Fags said...

Thanks both. Just not sure. Would be fun for defo but really feeling rubbish about biking at the mo. will decide after this weekend is over (in which I shall bake cakes and run on hills). See if I'm sick of it by next week!

Jo said...

Devil's advocate: I think it's your public duty as a podium-tastic rider - and blogger - to try out the K100, then tell us lesser mortals what it's like so we can decide whether to aim for it next year. ;-)

Personally, next week I shall mostly be baking cakes.

Brinnington Lose the Fags said...

Ha! Love it... Jenn is also riding so she could potentially fill the podium-tastic boots AND the blogger boots.

But we shall see. As time goes on it doesn't seem so bad.

I don't think I've ever had a 'public duty' before. I quite like it!

trio said...

I'm looking forward to saying I was there! No riding since transwales, but surely we'll both be uber-fit now?

Brinnington Lose the Fags said...

I suppose we should be but I don't feel it!

trio said...

No I don't feel fit either so I am just pretending I am!

SJ said...

I'm confused as to your disheartend-ness after Trans Wales, your blog sounded pretty good about the whole thing?

I know it's totally sitting on the fence but you have to do what you feel you want to. If you don't want to race then don't.
Take the time out to bake your cake and enjoy your walk and maybe you'll miss riding and find your mojo again after the weekend has passed.
Maybe you'll bake and walk for a few more weeks before you find it again.

Just make sure you do find it again!

Big hugs!

SJ x

Jenn said...

In the same boat as you. Partly as a result of other people's unrealistic expectations - I'm in no position to be wearing podiumtastic boots at the moment for a number of reasons, and kowing that everyone expects me to kick arse when all I'm doing at the moment is kicking myself, is hard.

But I'm still going, because just surviving it is going to do my head the world of good (and I will survive it, because what happens if I don't doesn't bear thinking about).

The offer of a lift from Hebden still stands, btw. Phone in sick :-)

trio said...

My new way of being podiumtastic is to win my own category! At transwales that was obvious the women's singlespeed fully rigid category, oddly enough there was very little competition! So what category shall I have for k100?

Jenn said...
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Jenn said...

Stick with what you know then. And beat as many of the rigid singlepeed boys as you can whilst you're at it, please ;-)

u r sp6llink is shite

trio said...

Except kate would be in that category. So I might go for rigid singlespeeder whose birthday is in January!

bettymountaingirl said...

FIrst off- you are far more killer than I. Second, okay- tough choice between what to do. I'm generally for trying the race except I know it's the long drives places that kill my efforts. So if you have to spend a lot of time driving, hmmm...maybe cake baking?? Whatever you

bettymountaingirl said...

whoops- I got chopped off there. I was saying what ever you decide will be the best choice. See doesn't that help? (probably not...)

kate said...

cake and riding!!

no pressure, just come for the fun and being a part of a 'first time' event. i'll reserve you seat next to me on the broom wagon if that makes you feel better ;)

Brinnington Lose the Fags said...

Thanks... appreciate all the motivation. Went out with local tri club today after running 10 miels yesterday and having to get a taxi home becasue I got terrible diarrhoea. Needless to say I didn't have a very good ride. Legs tired from the running and body empty from the, well... as you can imagine!

I have a Mountain Marathon at the end of OCtober and the longer I stare at the calendar the more I realise how much work I have to do before I'm even close to being able to run that far, let alone haul myself over the bogs, hills and tussocks.

So, cake baking, NOT driving and possibly some serious running training (with no competition whatsoever) is sounding more and more appealing.

Anyone want to buy a race entry off me?


Anonymous said...

Don't do it.
You did ace at TransWales and you'll still be recovering.
Allow yourself to recover.

Riding bikes is about fun.

It's about pleasure and enjoyment - don't do that racing burn out thing and make it not be fun anymore.
That's pants.

We're all different and some people love to race lots (I can only bring myself to do it every now and then because I prefer to just ride instead) but lots of people put themselves off for a while ( and sometimes forever) by pushing and pushing until they break - either mentally or physically.

Don't do that to yourself! Keep racing and riding fun and lovely and something you burst with joy to do.
Biking is too special to lose - don't push it away.
If you feel ok from your bug - go for a lovely,lovely long,long ride but don't forget to smell the flowers and if you feel ill - be good and rest up.
Riding is always going to be out there,waiting for you - and man, is it something to treasure.
If you love it - it's a gift - keep it that way.