Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Note to self

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When cycling to the parcel office it is best not to forget a bag or the ride home will involve my jacket having to accommodate more than just my belly.



Red Bike said...

My jacket always looks like that!

(O/T - I want a Pompino too)

trio said...

Or forget how big the parcel you are going for is and get loads of other stuff on the way. Ali did that last week and had to walk back to work balancing the box on her bike!

jumbly said...

red - go for it, they're £135 at the mo, good value and a lot of fun.

trio - yeah, at least this could fit inside my jacket, a longish walk from chorley pushing a bike, I dare say I'd have had to 'phone the "broom wagon" if it'd been something big!

kate said...

surely it's the excuse you need to get one of those trailer bike things!