Wednesday, 24 February 2010



i'm sure i've written before about not being a natural climber, but just to recap: i'm not one.

however, i've been living in the land of ups and downs for a year now and something has changed.

partly through necessity: the only flat road for miles around is the valley road and in its usual traffic-choked, pothole-ridden state it's just not a very nice place to be. so the options are up, and then down, repeating as required.

and i've found myself coming around to climbing.

the rhythm is there, the ability to spin, to tune the noise out, all things i was lacking which have flourished im their new habitat. there are a few places i've not yet dared to go on my standard double: mytholm steeps is one of them (and as matt said, it's been magicaly de-steepened in that picture). i figure that any road steep enough to scare you all the way down it should definitely be avoided all the way up. however, i am feeling strong(ish). i put in a nottooshabby time on cragg vale last week with all sorts of excuses to convince me it could have been better and i think the time has come to see just what these legs can do.

once the snow melts, anyway.



Simon said...

I'd hate to think how fast you'd be if you were a natural climber :)

Jenn said...

Two problems: I'm the wrong build and I like cake. A lot ;-)

kate said...

...what if the cake were at the top of the hill ;)

Ali said...

Then she'd have to try and beat trio to the top!!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Wrong build, like cake...damn, perhaps *I* should give up now....only kidding...break the mould I say...just not your pants with all that cake ;P

Ginger Rider (Reforming cakeaholic)

trio said...

Did someone mention cake....