Friday, 19 August 2011

The revenge of the cyclists

I don't know about your companies, but my company, and many of my clients, have annual golf days. Which, as far as I can work out, involves a bit of wandering around a golf course and then a lot of eating and drinking. As I can't play golf, I am excluded from such out of office jollies. Which is rubbish.

And THEN it transpired that one of my clients (indeed my most important client) is also a cyclist. As is his MD. And one of his other customers who was visiting from overseas. And so a plan was born. A ride to Brighton, lunch by the sea and return. Possibly by bike, possibly by train, depending on enthusiasm levels. Marvellous.

We set off bright and early, thanking our lucky stars for the glorious sunshine. It was a very mixed ability group and, for once, I was one of the fittest in the group, so was able to just pootle along, admiring the views and chatting.

It was certainly a novel experience not to be the slowest in the group - indeed I can't remember the last time that this was the case - and it was great to relax and not feel perpetually guilty for slowing people down.

We got to Brighton, ordered some delicious food (do absolutely go - Terre a Terre - most incredibly delicious Veggie food - I suspect we lowered the tone of their establishment in our sweaty lycra but they were gracious and lovely and provided jugs and jugs of water to quench our thirst) and beer (of course). And then meandered back onto the train and home. Sod cycling home...

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