Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Slow Road

After an eventful Christmas ski trip, culminating in a short flight in a helicopter to hospital and some frantic attempts to remember long-lost GCSE German, I found myself on crutches for all of January. And whilst my biceps came along a treat during that time, my leg muscles (one of them torn by the aforementioned accident) atrophied away.

So February was mostly spent doing dull physio exercises - one-legged squats, etc etc. And, gradually, trying to get back to somewhere near fit. 20 minutes on the rollers one day, 25 the next and so on.

Then I rode to work. I never thought that 8 miles would feel like SUCH a long way. I had a rest on the way. And wanted to sleep at my desk by 11am. After a week or so, that got easier and I thought I was fit so rode to my sister's house (18 miles). Had to stay the night as found it such a shock.

It's maddening how quickly you lose fitness and how slowly you gain it (for me, at least). The leg still hurts much of the time, there's a tiny dent where the muscle tear was, and anything over 40 miles is still unfathomably far, but the NHS physio declares me "better". Right.

EDIT: After a short ride in the sun today I am MUCH more cheery. I will get there! But slowly.


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