Tuesday, 12 February 2008

just around the corner

So, when race day starts like this you know it's going to be a good one...

Actually it started in the dark, at 4.30am. There are very few things I'd get up that early to drive three hours for but the Thetford winter enduros qualify, because they are consistently so much fun.

Where else can you find yourself giggling out loud as you lean the bike deeper and deeper into the luscious, swooping, buffed-to-perfection berms, pumping the dips and loving the last minute decision to put the super-grippy, super-wrapped summer tyres on in February as shoulders brush tree trunks at what feels like 45 degrees whilst following riders recede in your virtual rear view mirror?

"Yay, jump to berm! *hup* woooo! bwarrrrrppppp..."

First and second place ladies, supposedly immersed in a "ding-dong battle" but actually just having a good old natter about downhilly time trials and long travel forks...

"You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!"

Short sleeves, unzipped, the red dancing shoes and the white summer socks undug from the bottom of the sock box in anticipation of a tan.

And nearly, but not quite, getting back for that eighth lap, despite working so damn hard, but not really minding, because it'll all be there next year.

Summer is going to be good.

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Loll said...

>Summer is going to be good>

Amen to that :)