Friday, 15 February 2008

More beers than gears*

So a few posts back I was writing about needing to get myself psyched up to take the singlespeed plunge, well I did more than just dip my toe today. A few chats with regular riding buddy Amy revealed that she too was interested in singlespeeding, a bit of partner not looking credit card waving by her and today we were both ready to ride offroad with no gears. Me and my bike got dropped of at Amy's this morning and we thought we might manage a few miles from her place, we anticipated a lot of pushing, we expected pain, we thought there'd be sweat, I fully expected to spend the ride tasting blood. But, you know what, it was brilliant. We both loved it. We ended up doing 20 miles, 810m climbing, a pub stop half way for burger and beer. It was different to our normal full suss, geared riding, not necessarily harder, just different. Now I'm not into giving lectures, but if anyone reading is thinking of trying a different sort of riding but is hesitant, then don't be, go for it. If you're thinking about making that first ever road ride, or venturing offroad for the first time, or wondering if the track might be the place for you. Me and Amy have the grins today to prove that stepping out of your comfort zone is a good thing.


*More beers than gears

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trio25 said...

It was a lovely day!
You forgot to mention you even rode a fully rigid!