Monday, 3 March 2008

'er indoors

At a time when everyone else seems to be getting back out into the patchy outbreaks of Spring sunshine I seem to be spending more time inside. Years spent in gyms in pursuit of well-developed rowing thighs (aim achieved some years ago thanks - now will someone tell me how to get rid of them?) gave me a healthy aversion to the places. But needs (or knees) must and the gym allows me to do the sort if intensive work that, once I stopped pretending I didn't need to, really helps my badly put together joints.

The only trouble is that I seem not to be able to let it lie. Once the required hour on the cross trainer and all the physio exercises were complete, yesterday I couldn't help wandering over to the Concept 2 rower. Or Ergo as we used to call it when, pre- lifestyle makeover, it was a bolted together instrument of torture that sat in the corner of the rowing club with the special aroma of sweaty towelling (yes really) shorts. It couldn't hurt to try could it? Oh, that's interesting I can still achieve the same sort of power output, hmmm.... how does that work over 2000m then? I'll just go on a bit longer and a bit.... you can see where this is going to end can't you? But you know what? I reckon with some training I could get close to my old personal (twenty years ago) best.

Slippery slope and self-delusion not pictured.


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adjustablecrumpet said...

let us know if you can still walk tomorrow, eh? ;o)