Saturday, 29 March 2008


so, today has been like christmas, knocks on the door all day - mostly work stuff, but also a big box of GDR equipment from the lovely people at Snow & Rock... and then these arrived:

cue several very excited laps of the kitchen before i dared risk handling sharp implements.

s o e x c i t e d !


matt said...

Are you doing the race up it or on your own?

G as in Chris said...

Wow. That first section of trail is 200 miles longer than the driving distance between those two towns. And at the end of it, you are still in the same State!

jumbly said...

Woah! Are you doing the GDR this summer? Seriously big respect to anyone that rides that.

adjustablecrumpet said...

yup, i'm doing the race down it.

no more local knowledge comments required, thank you chris, there are certain aspects of scale of which i would prefer to remain ignorant for now otherwise i'm never going to get onto the plane ;o)

G as in Chris said...

Ooo er, sorry Jenn. US miles are much shorter than UK miles, just like pints are smaller. Yeah, that's it. ;~)

carl said...

Hi Jenn
Are you lining up for the GDR or TD ???