Saturday, 29 March 2008

thirty thirty zero

so, eleven was the stopping point, not just of the challenge but of the winter. prior to commencement i had embarked on the rest week that marked the end of the big volume miles for this year. it is a well known fact that rest weeks are when you will get sick, if you have overdone it (well it's meant to be if, with me it's usually when...). i overdid it so much that it took the whole rest week and another week of still feeling inexplicably tired and not really doing very much and then i got sick. ha. cease all activity, 'just' sleeping, daytime tv, no energy to be bored or even really worry about the shrinking legs, 'just' two weeks and the healing is done.

the first ride back was glorious, not least because it confirmed that less is more (a lesson i am apt to forget), my legs were still there and i hadn't missed spring, at all - rain sleet hail snow sleet gales, repeat.

unfortunately now every time i stick my nose out the door i am greeted with an endless procession of these big fat bulldozer clouds, rolling in on a north-westerly and full of weather that doesn't rain so much as torrent down out of the sky taking all the colour with it.

still, rivers for trails means no tyre tracks and hence all the super-local-super-cheek is currently fair game and i've ridden every day this week without really thinking about it and with a fat grin on my face. lovely.


Marty Savalas said...

bummer on the not being tough enough thing... ;)

should head NE. been dry and buff (until wednesday night) in the kingdom.

adjustablecrumpet said...

aye, well, there is not being tough enough and then there is not being able to stand up long enough to make a cup of tea, let alone ride a bike... next year ;o)