Friday, 21 March 2008

Weather beaten

Rode last night with Amy. As tough as we are, we are not tougher than Mother Nature. Hail, sideways rain and blasting winds. Out on the moors, it became near impossible to keep going, common sense prevailed at some point and we got back to the road. We pedalled against the wind downhill. Soaked to the skin, numb hands, shoes full of water. The Black Dog at Belmont was a welcome sight as we finally made it to our patiently waiting other halves. Much needed good food and beer soon had Amy deciding that actually the weather hadn't been that bad, and what a good ride it had been, I think I'll need to get some rose tints fitted to my riding glasses before I can agree with her.


1 comment:

trio25 said...

My glasses were clear. It was a fun ride.