Sunday, 29 June 2008

GDR Day Nine

Nothing on the call in from Jenn as of this morning. Simon Kennet, who she was riding with on Friday left a message saying he was staying in Atlantic City for a while because he had a tummy bug but that Jenn had headed out at 9.00am Saturday with David Blaine to try and make Rawlings. This would be one hell of a push across the basin and very dependent on the conditions but David's SPOT tracker shows him at Rawlings this morning. Of course we have no way of knowing if Jenn is with him. I'm hoping they will do a Sunday morning podcast that we can pick up this evening because the progress site has posted a message saying they won't be updating for 24 hours so to listen to the broadcasts...

Right, before anyone wakes up and demands pancakes, I'm off for a ride.


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