Saturday, 28 June 2008

GDR Day Seven

24 hours without word had us biting our nails, but a waking up to nice long message from Jenn on the podcast (32.23 minutes/ seconds) was hugely reassuring. She was calling in from Boulder, and was about to head on out with Simon and David and I have to say I'm happy she's got company riding around her. From the separate calls it sounds like it's not actually a cosy chat-fest out there  on the trail and that they drift apart once they get riding, and it's probably mis-placed but I feel reassured that she's not the only person for miles.  Although it sounds like two people is about all she can handle right now. This is what she had to say:

"Hi It's Jenn, I'm at Boulder - just about to leave. I forgot to phone in from Pinedale but we left Pinedale at one minute past four exactly. Stocked up on food and water and we're going to head out and see how far we can get towards Atlantic City. I've been riding with Simon most of the day as usual and David has just rolled by so we're going to head off together. This morning was gorgeous. Union Pass was just absolutely stunning - beautiful over the top, really lovely. I saw the (inaudible) wonderful sunrise. It was a gorgeous place - I couldn't get out of Pinedale soon enough. Now in a bar in Boulder which is really busy and noisy. I want to get out to nowhere really, rather than places with lots of people and noise and stuff. OK, cheers. Bye."

Jenn is on target to beat her own personal deadline so far - but listening to the TD reports (anyone else get teary eyed when they hear Dominic's messages home?) there's some testing terrain to come. Hey ho, Jenn will probably just phone in a report on how pretty the snow crystals were as she hike-a-biked over them for two hours...

Jenn, this is for you. Lorraine has developed a wicked carrot cake and after a lovely ride yesterday we ate an extra piece each for you. See how much we care? Completely selfless, that's us. I'd use the proud word, but we can't be doing with me crying again can we? Happy pedaling.


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Anonymous said...

Hee hee, if I'd realised the 'extra' bit was in honour of you Jenn I'd have had a bigger should *never* hold back ;o)

Thoughts are with you,...crack on girl

Rabbit girl