Thursday, 26 June 2008

GDR Day Six: Part Two

So Jenn made it to Flag Ranch by 10.30am today, no podcast to listen to yet but the call summary reports her sounding full of energy and describing the mosquitoes as 'improperly hideous'. Am now desperate to listen to the whole unedited message of course, not only to giggle at it myself - but at the thought of what everyone is making of this crazy English girl with the 'petite' voice and interesting turn of phrase. Some of us are just properly scared for the mozzies...

She heads up Togwotee Pass next and then there's lots of snow on the road to Brooks Lake to get through. Positive vibes everyone please.


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G as in Chris said...

You know the whole time I lived in Colorado I don't think I ever got a mosquito bite. I agree that it's the mozzie that should be scared.