Friday, 27 June 2008

Jenn from Flag Ranch

You can find Jenn's latest call at 11.30 minutes/seconds into the latest broadcast. She sounds far too chirpy for one who's ridden so far- but then she had just eaten. This is what she had to say.

" Hello it's Jenn. I am calling from Flag Ranch, I think it's about 10.00am. I've just had a HUGE breakfast and feel much better for it.... rode in from Squirrel Creek this morning, it took us about four hours..... (can't?) get over unbelievable mosquitoes - properly hideous, kind of reminded me of Hitchcock's 'The Birds'. Just as soon as you stopped they would just descend and it was just awful - scary. So we're doing everything indoors in the shopping complex before we go outside to the bikes.... all mucky and horrible. So plenty of tarmac which should be nice - a bit of a rest. Yeah, that's about it really. Just keep pedaling. Alright, bye."

I'm guessing the 'we' is Simon Kennet who called in from Flag Ranch at around the same time. Looking at where Jenn's riding next I hope so, and that she has some company for a while.

Jenn if you read this, Lorraine and I are riding bikes and eating cake today. In your honour obviously. Pedal, pedal pedal.


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