Monday, 7 July 2008

GDR Day Sixteen

Jenn's call is on the podcast at 25.29 minutes/seconds, she sounds despondent about the time lost to poorliness....

"Hi It's Jenn, I'm phoning from Abiquiui, it's about 2 o'clock I think on Sunday afternoon. I think I'm going to head out now because it's just started to rain and it's just got cool. Friday night - got very sick so managed about 50 miles yesterday - just dragging myself along. Rested up a bit, feel better today so going to push on a bit but don't think I'm going to be getting a sub 20. Never mind. OK, take care, bye."

Don't discount it Jenn, everyone is riding the last section relatively more speedily - and don't forget the cake effect of being near the end.... Ride like the wind! Er yes... or something...



Anonymous said...

hey girl, glad to hear you're ok, relatively! :o/
Big climb then a nice rollling section to Cuba....hopefully that translates into s/s friendly gradient...sub 20? who shipping my bacon butties legs out for you ;p
Hang in there, you never know :o)


Red Rider

Anonymous said...

I'm really hoping you get some quality rest up today & can get back out there soon.

Good luck,good luck and feel lots better soon.You have a big time margin I think.