Sunday, 6 July 2008

Sunday Evening

Jenn called in at 2.00pm on Sunday - she's not with Simon as we hoped, but in Abiquiui - she got sick on Friday night and could hardly drag herself along on Saturday, managing only around 50 miles. She's feeling better now and is heading out towards Cuba. It means she's lost some time, but is still seven and half hours ahead of the women's record and 12 hours ahead of the singlespeed record. This is great of course - but Jenn, most of all we wish you better. And yay! You're in New Mexico! Everyone seems to have got sick at some point during this race so I guess it was unrealistic to hope you'd escape. I know you'll come back strong - pedal safe.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Come on Jenn, where are you? Painfully keep refreshing the GDR links on my mac to no avail......

Fingers crossed when I wake up there will be some good news.

Almost there Jenn, just think of the mojitos waiting for you in Mexico....