Thursday, 3 July 2008

GDR Day Thirteen

A catch up day on phone calls today - Tuesday from Hartsel and Wednesday from Salida. They're both on the same podcast at 14.46 and 17.41 minutes/seconds respectively. This from Hartsel:

"Hi this is Jenn, it's 9.30pm I am in Hartsel. First thing, I'm sorry about the earlier phone in from Silverthorne. I'm finding it so hard transitioning between all these beautiful open places and then coming in to these.. just messes of construction and traffic and noise and people. It's so difficult. (Phone cuts off.) Hello, Jenn again, I'm not sure why that got cut off. Anyway today has been a good day in terms of riding- happy legs, 120 miles easy- not a problem- lovely. Head not quite with it, so ended up hanging around Breckenridge for a couple of hours having a coffee, and actually it worked quite well because I waited for the afternoon storm and then followed it up the hill and it was cool and lovely. And then stopped off at the Como Depot at the other side which is run by really lovely people, and had a really nice quick supper- and yeah pedaled over here. Riding between Como and Hartsel was just stunning, beautiful and I've just raced a huge black storm cloud over so it was really good. So I'm going to head off towards Salida, ride for an hour or so, then find a hedge to crash in."

Then from Salida- turns out she really WAS feeling apprehensive about the stretch over to Del Norte. Has anyone else noticed how everyone else worries about the rain and mud, but the UK riders hate the heat?

"Hey this is Jenn, I'm in Salida, I'm about to leave, it's ten past twelve (Wednesday). I am feeling really apprehensive about the stretch over to Del Norte mostly because it's so hot. But I've been into the bike store, had the bike sorted out (inaudible)... changed so I can actually pedal it properly. They were all really lovely. I've had some good food, wandered around again. Salida is another of those places that I really don't want to leave. Yeah, I don't know, we'l see how it goes. I'll get over to the next town, stock up on some food then head out and see how far I get towards Del Norte tonight. Hopefully crack off 100 miles but that might be a little optimistic given how warm it is. I don't know, we'll see. Yeah, I'm just missing everybody. That's all I would like to say really. Take care."

She then phoned about an hour later after an encounter with a work crew that wouldn't let her through on 120.

"It's Jenn again, I'm just phoning from Poncho Springs just up the road from Salida. There's a work crew lane of fresh tarmac on 120 so back tracked and went up I50. I guess outside of working hours you can probably get through but they would not let me through, they wouldn't even let me through on the verge, so there we go. Bye."

Hang in there Jenn - we miss you too but we're lucky we get to hear your voice and it's a bit like an extended between-laps commentary on a 24 hour race with happy laps and the not so great crappy laps. Just know that there's lots of us secretly sneaking in and filling your thermos mug with hot tea in the small hours because we know you can do this. Big, big hugs - now get back out there - and take a bit of this love with you. It has magic pedaling powers.


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Anonymous said...

Jenn hang in there on this tough stretch, it just heat girl, you're better than it and you CAN do it. Positive thinking...think of how it feels when it all comes together and you feel at one with your bike...don't dwell on the heat, and don't dwell on us ugly lot back here, we'll all see you soon.
your gonna have some killer freckles - hee hee

ps. how is that Twinkes diet going? :p

trio said...

I'm loving the updates! Jenn makes all these 100mile + days seem like an easy ride. Keep it up!!!


Mel said...

Jenn - Just imagine all the 'lovely' heckles you're getting from us all! We are all with you every step of the way...
'Keep pedalling!'


Anonymous said...

It's an absolute delight to hear your voice each day Jenn, like a breath of fresh air, not sure how you manage to make it all sound so easy. You're a true inspiration.

Ok, so who else is totally humming the beginning tune to the podcasts!! it's infectious!