Wednesday, 2 July 2008

GDR Day Twelve: Part Two

Jenn called in from Salida at 12.10pm and is now heading for Del Norte - hoping to eat into 100 of the 154 miles it takes to get there. It sounds like the heat is intense - although because we haven't heard the call ourselves we're not sure whether she's really apprehensive or just sounding British.... Unsurprisingly she'd just eaten and been to the bike shop. Yay- two favourite activities!!

As soon as the podcast is up we'll publish the timings.

Soundtrack for today... með suð í eyrum, sigur rós.


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Minx said...

This via email...

My goodness gracious me!! What is that mad girl doing riding all that way on the GDR

..on a single speed...what a hero...I am hooked..send her tailwinds from Bonnie Scotland.

Elaine in glasgow who should be working!!