Wednesday, 2 July 2008

GDR Day Twelve

By 9.30pm Tuesday Jenn had reached Hartsel after an a good days riding of 120 miles. The good news is that she's reporting 'happy legs' and managed to miss a storm by hanging around in Breckenridge for a while. (I don't know... any excuse). That call isn't on the podcast yet but her Tuesday morning phone in from Silverthorne is at 14.14 minutes/ seconds...

"Hello it's Jenn, I am just about to leave Silverthorne. It's about 11.00am or just gone 11.00am - I'm not sure what the time is as usual. Yeah, yesterday was really tough, the section down to the Colorado River and up again was just horrific and I got caught in a huge wind storm coming up from the Colorado which was, you know hard to push the bike up the hill, let alone ride it slowly. It was hard work. I stopped at Kremmling last night and wasn't expecting to see anybody, but found Geoff, which was lovely because we got to chat. It was really nice to see somebody because I have a feeling I'm not going to be seeing many people from now because I think there are people behind and people in front but I think I'm in the gap in the middle, so I shall see how far I get today - try to get over the _ Pass before it gets too hot. OK, cheers, Bye."

Jenn- you are doing this with such grace and style. Here's to more happy pedaling.



Anonymous said...

Well Jenn, you well and truly over the page on my map now! Yay!

and not too many more stops until you enter New Mexico...arriba!


Rabbit Girl

Anonymous said...

Well,I don't Jenn either-in person-although I have seen her grow from the 1st Mayhem SS report in The Outcast(and was stunned by her writing skills and style actually)
to winning the 24hrs & SSUK's and now this!
Jenn- if you read this at some point- you were camped near to us old hippies at SSUK but I was far too shy to come and say hello.

Good Luck and good vibes - you're doing fantastically as usual.