Saturday, 5 July 2008

GDR: Independence Day Celebrations

By lunch time Friday Jenn was joining in 4th July celebrations at a barbecue with Simon Kennett in Platoro. They were about to head out in the early afternoon, but with 146 miles to Abiquiui, we're not expecting to hear that she's into New Mexico sometime Saturday evening. Then it's all down hill isn't it......? Ahem.

Here's what she had to say:

"Hi this is Jenn. I'm calling from Platoro - the noise you can hear in the background is the 4th July barbecue, of which we have just taken full advantage. I'm sorry I have no idea what time it was - it was about one o'clock (Friday) when we got here - so I don't know- we're heading off down the road. It's not too bad a day, not too hot, so far no thunderstorms. This is all good. Ok, bye."

All the usual words seem inadequate right now - Jenn just be happy you're leaving us speechless in the incredible execution of this - and since you can always judge how well something is going by how teary-eyed we're all getting you can assume this is off the scale. Big hug party girl - speak soon.


1 comment:

Mick said...

Go Jenn!

All the local singlespeeders are following your exploits with admiration. Can't believe what you have achieved.

Keep faith in the magical powers of cake.

See you in a field somewhere.

Mick, Alison, Tom & Jake (Rushton)