Sunday, 6 July 2008


Simon's blog shows him in Abiquiui on Saturday evening - no mention of Jenn though and no call in yet either. If she's not with Simon I'm guessing she's only a few hours behind so will be in New Mexico by now. This weekend will be the toughest in terms of climbing - so more power to your legs everyone!

Meanwhile John Nobile called from Antelope Wells at 1.26pm on Saturday, meaning that he finished in 15 days, one hour and 26 minutes - beating the 2007 record by 52 minutes. John rode almost continually for the final 48 hours...


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Anonymous said...

can't believe she's almost there! making the 24 day cut off - easily, unless of course she gets 'waylaid' in Pie Town ;p

Awesome (did I just say that) effort by John, and I never once heard him sound tired!!! Man or machine ??