Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Jenn still wobbly but hopeful

Jenn wasn't able to leave Abiquiui this morning as planned - due to continued major wobbling of the legs. Her mum left us this message:

"Hi! It's Pauline, Jenn's Mum again. Just been talking to Jenn (Tuesday evening). She's still in Abiquiu but has been to the medical centre. The doctors think she has a bacterial infection and she's now on antibiotics - 'the size of horse pills' she said! All being well she's hoping to get back on the bike early tomorrow. I read lots of the messages to her (until we were both sniffing into the tissues that is!) and they certainly chered her up. She couldn't believe how much support there is for her and how many people are cheering her on!"

I just spoke to Pauline again and apparently it's something called Giardia (? Dr Jon- help!) but Jenn is happy now that she knows what she's fighting and determined to finish.

And we're with you every turn of the pedal Jenn - good grief woman do you REALISE how much productivity has slumped since you started this race?

Hugs and love.



martinh said...


It's one of the reasons for using Iodine tablets if drinking water from dodgy sources.

dRjON said...

giardia is a flagellate, sort of like an amoeba. you get it from cattle or sheep poo...via water, into digestive tract. should be fast fast fast to clear, with antibiotic. then nil effects after. it is not anything which will cause ongoing concern, but it is best it is treated..i had it a few years ago and was better in 24 hours after a (large!) dose of metronidazole...

jenn i guess this will get to you somehow...bide time, smile and when you are ready, *own* this trail...


Dean said...

Hang in there, J - you can do this!

Whisky mex at the border :^)

You'll kick this thing over night. Many healing vibes and squeezy hugs.


Elaine B said...

I didnt even know people were effected by Giardia but when my dogs had it a quick dose of Panacur Liquid sorted them out but i wouldnt recommend you try that.(they caught it by drinking out of puddles... you get desperate one night did you!)
Have been listening to the podcasts daily and willing you on.
The messages coming back from the other riders to you are testimony to the impact you have obviously had on their lives as you do everyone you meet.
Take care of yourself.. they are already saying its the toughest years ever with all the snow and mud.
Come home safe.

Shaggy said...

More healing vibes from us. Remember it's an adventure, and we all belive in you!

Oh and I'll buy you something proper to drink in Napa ;-)

Anonymous said...

Giar...what...fancy! ;p

Well, drugs are great in these instances..yum yum, gobble them down and get back on that bike girlie, you got yourself a race to finish!

Like you don't know that, it's ok, you can half wheel me all the way to Napa to get me back for being cheeky!


good thing is, sounds like we don't need to deploy the brick! hee hee



trio said...

Glad she knows what it is. Hope the drugs kick in soon and she can get back out on her bike!

bror said...

Jenn - I'm a friend of Dave Blaine's and have been following the race closely and was bummed to hear that you have feel ill as well. Hope you can recover and make the finish!

Giardia is nothing to be worried about, it's not nice but it will not kill you. I have lived overseas for many years and have had giardia The biggest issue with giardia is that they steal all the nutrients from the food you eat so fatigue and abdominal discomfort are the major issues. The giardia like carbs and don’t like protean – so don’t be surprised when you eat a big load of pasta and feel terrible!

Anyway, Good luck! You have a lot of virtual passenges on your ride and we all want to cross that finish line with you!

Anonymous said...

Heal quickly Jenn, then get back on the 69er and own those trails!

Tim, Ben and Max

Sarah MI said...

Hiya Jenn, Sent you an e-mail yesterday but guess you can't log on that often, if at all. Dan, Hope and myself are following your every move and send you very best get well soon wishes! (Just think of the large piece of cake at the end of the race!!)
You really are an inspiration to us all. Keep going but stay safe and as I'm not a very bikey person from what everyone says above enjoy the ride of your life!!!

matt said...

GO JENN! and other words of encouragement... hope the drugs get you cranking again :D

MikeD said...