Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Meanwhile...some pictures

Nothing on the podcast from Jenn today - but we have the latest from her mum as of last night. David Blaine - who rode with Jenn for a while in Colorado but ended up hospitalised in Steamboat Springs and had to stop riding, has uploaded his GDR pics to his Flickr site. And yes... there are some of Jenn. Go browse...



Anonymous said...

What amazing pics, really puts the scale in perspective. Jenn I was thinking of you as I pedalled home along the canal last night contemplating my own woefully inadequate transwales training. Like lots of others I've seen you at MM/SITS/SSUK etc cheerfully riding by and you are clearly such a talented rider. I guess the thing that has always struck me is the mental strength needed for endurance and you girl have it in spades. Go finish what you started!!! We are willing you on with good thoughts and the promise of serious cake rewards for the next year at least I reckon!!

Ruth xx

Tom said...

Ruth, I agree completely. I too am trying to train for the transwales and each time I push myself and feel tired, I just need to think of Jenn traversing AMERICA and it soon stops me moaning :)

I've heard it said 'endurance' is 85% mental ability and Jenn you're doing an amazing race. Your body will push out the nasty infection and then you can push on.

Everything crossed for you at this end!