Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Cycling Brand... what does it mean to you?

Fi writes:

My research team at the University of the West of England are just getting going on a massive project investigating the 'brand' of cycling. Brands are clever marketing tools which are really just a set of associations people have with something (and they are often signified with a logo or visual material in some way). So, a 'Gucci' bag means so much more than just 'bag' because the Gucci brand has a set of associations. Same goes for Howies, or Gore Bike Wear or Swobo. The brand adds value.

We are interested in whether cycling has a 'brand' and whether one can be created which people can build a relationship with and which will make the whole act of cycling so much more appealing to non-cyclists. We are really targeting those folk who 'could' but don't. You know the type - rusty old bike in the garage from former days, easy 3 mile trip to work, they do it in the car (spit) and are fit enough, or at least could be, to pedal there in stead.

I have a challenge for all Minx blog followers. Can you tell me in a few sentences what 'cycling' means to you.

I'll start:

Cycling is the core of my life and permeates through everything I do. I stand tall and shout from the rooftops, 'I Am A Cyclist'. I commute, road ride and race, and ride mountain bikes. The linking threads through my cycling consumption are 'fast' and 'fit'.

In advance, many thanks.


carl said...

riding my bike is the only time life ever makes perfect sense to me.A short commute or a blast in the forest dilutes all matter of confusion.

trio said...

Cycling is my ME time. It gets me places quicker and cheaper than any other method of transport. It allows me to escape into the middle of nowhere without planning. It lets me feel 5 years old again when life was easy.

starfish264 said...

Cycling is time for fun - with friends or on my own, fresh air, beautiful scenery and a sense of achivement when I push myself just that little bit futher.

Jo said...

Cycling is…
- A sweaty raspy gaspy workout. A gentle pootle.
- Familiar local rides. Faraway discovery rides.
- AtoB round town on my ‘hack’ bike. Ripping it up on my blingy full susser.
- Getting deliciously lost (away from ‘it all’ or lost in the woods).
- Marvelling at & reconnecting with nature through the seasons.
- Sociable or perfectly alone.
- Something I plan my life around.
- A source of fierce love and pride: eco, low-impact, straightforward, fitness, streamlined, zen.

Tom said...

Rarely mundane,
Sometimes mystical,
Usually heart pumping, thigh burning, smile creating...

Anonymous said...

Every ride is memorable in its own way. Riding my town bike and my road bike makes me feel different from other people; I love overtaking men by pedalling quietly past as they flap about. I have embraced the lycra and made new friends and only kept my new year's resolution (Do NOT buy any more bikes this year) for a week; my new MTB awaits this weekend. The thought of it makes me happy.

Amanda said...

Riding means meeting new friends and catching up with old ones.
It means getting away from it all and forgetting all your meaningless problems.
It means pleasure...and pain!
It means happiness and sometimes utter hopelessness.

It is my social life, and I wouldn't want it any other way ;-)