Monday, 11 January 2010

There's something about a new bike

I can't afford it. Nope. But...

Well it's exactly the right geometry. And so pretty. After years of searching for the perfect hardtail, I reckon I've got it.

It's laid back, got mahooooosive forks, lots of rock-clearance and super wide bars that just ache to be pushed down hard around tight twisty corners.

I took it for a ride tonight in the hard packed snowy trails of Bristol's singletrack. It flew. It rode up everything I pointed it at and wouldn't let me go before it jumped and flicked and slid all around those rooty trails. It wasn't scared of the dark, of the shadows and invisible drops. It was brave.

It made me smile.

It... will... be... mine...



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SJ said...

Sounds fabulous! Like a magic bike! What is it???